secret1Hello Sigrid, what can you tell us about yourself?

SECRETSAMPLES is a diverse team consisting 6 members. Each of us have different experiences and knowledge, which makes us fit in different areas in of the company. The team members originates from different countries such as Kenya, Estonia, USA and Denmark. We have different backgrounds, whether it comes to origin, educations and ways of working. This is a good advantages for the brand because it supports our value, diversity.  The founders and advisors of SECRETSAMPLES represent a wide skill-set with a common interest in people. And where personality is the key, the door is reliability and our path, social responsibility.

Can you tell us a little more about your brand / your company?

SECRETSAMPLES is a company inspired by Unity in Diversity to add new colors to the old painting of e-commerce!
It all started with a personal meeting with Kenya back in 2014, where members from the team visited family by the coast. The authentic experience of vivid color expressions on markets and in stores was amazing. The idea of choosing a beautiful piece of African Print cotton and afterwards have it specially made for yourself, was the foundation of what became SECRETSAMPLES. The concept originates as an aesthetic and user-friendly webshop that allows users to fuse personal style and color, by combining designer garments with a deliberate selection of textiles.

Our brand is focused on exclusive limited editions of our textiles but also by the way our ordering procedure works. Every 14th day, we send a order to our production containing only the garments ordered for customers. By doing that, we minimize stock but also waste materials and outdated collections.  Today the company is a clothing and lifestyle brand where the customers gets to combine Danish design with African textiles online.  The concept works against fast fashion by offering custom made clothes of great handmade quality where every item is made exclusively for each customer. SECRETSAMPLES will offer unique limited editions garments, CoDesigned by you!

secret6Do you want to get a message through your creations?

Yes indeed. We work with different cultures and across borders and it is important to us that people have the options to combine and dress just how they like, it is a personal expression. The company mantra “Be The Tailor Of Your Own Comfort” is about letting people choose between designs and cottons types, but also letting consumers be a part of Social Responsibility in the world by wearing their own personal expression, made under the right working circumstances.

How do you work? Following models or rather your feeling ?

We work together as a team and for some project with our advisory board, whom is a group of talented creative individuals, including architects, writers and designers.
On our journey throughout the last two years of working with the concept, we’ve made a lot of new friends and collaborators. This has given us the opportunity to work with new and creative people, who has contributed to the brand. This is photographers, people who likes to model and globetrotters who helps advertise from their travels by sending photos of their experiences. Our network is very important to us, and we are always looking to expand it and work with like minded people.

What were the different steps between the formalization of your first idea and today?

From the idea came in July 2014 until launch in May 2015 it was about gathering the team for the brand and ideate on the concept. A very important part was also learning by doing because none of us really had experience with this kind of startup in the fashion industry. Therefor we experienced that we had to learn most of it from scratch, but each of us still had experiences and knowledge from past projects and start-ups that have been very usable.

secret2Where did you get your raw material

For now, all textiles are from African countries. We source our cotton from Madagascar, Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa and our Kitenge is handpicked on several local markets, mainly in Kenya and Rwanda. All Kitenge found at our website is in limited edition since they are handpicked at the markets in low quantities. Choosing our prints is a large task itself because there are tens of thousands of textiles and one more rare than the other. The Kitenge prints are made for a small period of time and then never taken into production again by the textile producers. This ensures that there is always new prints to chose from on the local markets.

How are you contributing to fair trade ?

We work with Kenya’s first registered Fair Trade production, located in Nairobi, and we aim to only work with certificated manufacturers in the future. We are also a part of a fund to invest in the workers at the production. We donate a fee by each piece produced and the fund is spent to ensure the wellbeing of the workers.

Over what geographic area you expand your activities? Local? International ?

We are located in Denmark and our production is in Kenya. We are currently only focusing our sales and marketing on Denmark, but we have worldwide shipping available for customers outside of Denmark.

secret4Where do you see yourself next year at the same date? In 5 years ?

Empowering people to realize their full potential by providing quality designs, inspired by colors of cultures around the world. Hopefully located with more departments in other countries, having a physical shop and have made an trustworthy and recognizable brand in the fashion industry as a diverse and differentiated company.

How did the entrepreneurial spirit come to you?

All members from SECRETSAMPLES had the same vision of creating something innovative that would be beneficial for others – production, workers and as well customers. This is why we tell our value “It’s not about clothes, it’s about people”.

Few more words for our readers ?

We hope to share creative expression and to inspire you to “Be The Tailor Of Your Own Comfort”.

Contact information
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